Norvo Body Sculpting – Riverhead, New York

Norvo Body Sculpting is about people and revealing the potential they didn’t realize was always there.  Many people look at themselves and fail to realize that the mind, body and spirit all work synergistically.  Private Trainer Dennis Smith offers One-On-One Training Sessions in a clean and safe environment.

If you are tired of waiting for machines at the local gym that are not clean, then you will love the Norvo Body Sculpting location.  The equipment is cleaned after each session.  We focus on Body Toning, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning.  The Norvo Body Sculpting facility is a Safe Place to Train.

We offer a great Weight Loss Program too.  The program is designed to offer you a weight loss program that includes the services of a Professional Doctor to do an assessment of your current medical needs and issues  that you may have or have not discovered yet.  Norvo Body Sculpting knows that there are clients who have specific medical requirements that must be addressed for their specific training program.  We invite you to have a Professional Doctor do an assessment of your special needs.  We will work together to provide you the best weight loss program.  If you live in the Long Island, NY area we have doctors in the area that can meet with you.  

Our private sessions are book by appointment only.  We only do training sessions with up to 2 people at a time during each session.  So be sure to make an appointment in advance for your training session.  Please call, or send us an email via our contact form.


Our Location is:  115 Longneck Blvd, Riverhead, NY 11901 

Contact us today.  We are available by email, phone or text.

(631) 961-6331