Is the only natural product on the market that transports top ingredients with the finest delivery system in the world. Health Benefits include: Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory, Antitumoral, Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti Fungal, Immune Support, Eliminate Parasites, Inhibits Binding of Spike Proteins.

Neutralizes Viral Proteins, Improves Sleep, Aid Digestion, Loosen Mucus in Lungs, Relieve Sore Throat, Reduce Asthma Symptoms, Stimulate T-Cell Production, Promote Wound Healing, Kills Cancer Cells and Cross Blood Barrier.

Quercetin is considered to be the most widely distributed and extensively studied flavonoid.  It has anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and is found in most plant foods including leafy greens, tomatoes, berries and broccoli.  It’s been shown to reduce swelling,  control blood sugar and helps to prevent heart disease.   It’s one of the most abundant antioxidants in the diet and plays an important role in helping your body combat free radical damage.  It has three crucial properties:  Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory.  The combination of these three properties makes it an excellent candidate for dealing with oxidative stress, inflammation and the immune system. 

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